Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Pulled, er, Pressed the Trigger on My First STI

Well folks, I done went and did it. Months of saving and waiting patiently have finally paid off and, barring any shipping issues, I should be running the background check for a new STI Edge tweaked out with a handful of Dawson Precision components.

The original plan was to order direct from STI but the 20-week lead time was a bit of an issue when I could find folks sticking new guns capable of shipping right away. STI even suggested I look at Dawson if I wanted a quick-ship blaster. Considering I had been saving for a number of months, I didn't really feel like waiting for another four...

While my Edge won't be tuned by Dawson, it will come to me already wearing their front sight, extended mag release, and the Ice magwell. Not too shabby of an upgrade list at $100 over MAP.

All in all... It should be a solid pistol pre-loaded with just a few competition-proven goodies, ready to roll. I can't wait!!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just How Good Are We??

Living along Colorado's Front Range has some very sweet perks - beautiful country, easy access to all manners of convenient living, decent jobs, and a thriving shooting community.

Outside of the Realtree camo and occasional RMGO stickers (and not counting the rolling billboard for Gunsmoke) you'd be hard pressed to tell we are home to several USPSA Grand Masters, a large number of Masters, and a very competitive group of shooters.

At a recent match I spoke with a Production Master who lamented the fact that they rarely draw more than 25 people to a monthly match in his part of the state while you will regularly find 50-60 each week at any number of the host clubs in the Eastern Colorado section.

And that got me thinking... I would love to know just how busy the other sections and clubs are just how well Area 2 and Eastern Colorado sit on a national scale. On a good day I usually place in the top 1/2 to 1/3 in Production, I would love to someday see how well I would perform on a national scale.

Maybe one day I'll shoot well enough to make Nationals and find out...

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