Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back (to Glock) In Black?

A Long Time Ago...
In a Decade Far Away...

I had owned, shot, and been a bit of a rockstar savant (in my own mind) with every 9mm Glock handgun the company produced.

And now... after having launched myself fully into the M&P world, I am strongly considering adding a Glock 19 back to the stable after abandoning the platform a number of years ago.

Why? Well...

My first Glock was an agency turn-in 17 with just a couple hundred rounds on the clock I picked up for a good price. I tossed on a set of Meprolight sights and it served me well as a range gun, house gun, and as a competition pistol.

Then came a brand-new 19 I wanted as I entered the CCW world. Alas, my love affair with that pistol ended quickly as I didn't feel it was a whole lot smaller than the 17 I was slaying with in league matches, so it got replaced with a 26.

When the chance to talk a friend out of an OD 34 with competition sights came up, I jumped on that and relegated the 17 to the classifieds.

And after the brick-like nature of the 26 became too much for me to bear any longer, I left Glock behind for my carry gun in favor of a slimmer Kahr. Finally, losing a job for many many months led to me selling everything in my collection save for one carry pistol. I shot matches with my wife's (pink-gripped) M&P. When I finally got back on my feet, I was a born-again M&P shooter. Adios, Glock.

Fast-forwarding through a history of M&Ps, a small wheel gun, re-entry into the 1911 universe, and a weird fascination with CZs, I find myself pining again for the almost stupid simplicity of the Glock.

Particularly, a Gen 4 Glock 19. Very particularly, the one I hope is still sitting in the case at the club. I haven't quite shaken the notion that if there's one pistol I would want to throw in a bag and haul around with me if the zombies come, China airdrops paratroopers onto the high school football field, or Yellowstone erupts, it's still a 9mm Glock.

Preferably one with a good set of sights, a Glock Triggers fire control system upgrade, a few Vickers bits, and an add-on beavertail. And if we're going to send the list to Santa, toss in a Silencerco threaded barrel, remove the finger grooves and relieve the undercut at the trigger guard so I stop getting a freaking Glock callous. Yes, I've put a little thought into it.

15 rounds is acceptable for a fighting gun. 9mm Critical Duty or Gold Dot ammunition will get the job more than done. And I'll tell you right now that, while it is cool as hell to carry a CZ P09 for work, 20 rounds in the gun and another 19 on my other hip get freaking heavy without a dedicated duty belt to hold it all up.

And, finally, this is all the fault of my awesome British expat shooting buddy. Payback for "encouraging" him to look into replacing a Bren Ten with a family of tuned M&Ps.

Damn him. :-)

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