Sunday, April 3, 2011

5-second commentary on happenings in the gun world...

* Subcompact 9mm "Revolution"
- a rehash of the .380 wars from 2 years back.
Pro: more gun sales (never a bad thing)
Con: more people forgetting that what's in your head is much more important than the burner in your britches

* Scare of More Gun Legislation / Restriction
- a rehash of 2008 and 1994.
Pro: the gun community wakes up and some states even pass Constitutional Carry
Con: ammo prices go up, people panic-buy again, and I don't have money to stockpile again

* .30 caliber AR frenzy
- Good Lord... do we really need every manufacturer coming out with their own .30cal / 7-ish mm platform? Everyone should just suck it up and queue up behind AAC on this one ;-)
Pro: Cool, fun, sexy new range toys to oogle at and put on the wish list
Con: Do we really need a dozen proprietary AR calibers?

* MSM's spotlight on gun crime
- It's ALWAYS been a part of our everyday life... this is not new news
Pro: It highlights the world we live in is actually kinda dangerous
Con: It highlights the world we live in is actually kinda dangerous

As always... be safe, don't forget to have a little fun, and if you take a Liberal shooting, remember to bring him home in the same shape his feminine domestic companion sent him out.

Been Out of the Game...

For about a month now and I have to say that taking a month away from the range - moreso by necessity than by choice - has me feeling a little behind on my "gun game." I've sorta kept up with the gun blogs and managed to choke down another episode of Top Shot, but it just ain't the same.

Work, finances, helping friends renovate a business, and celebrating two weekends of Mrs. Normal's birthday week have all conspired to keep me out of the range and firmly planted in real life. Hopefully, next weekend will bring a few hours I can get out and put 200-300 rounds downrange and get ready for "real" competition this summer!

...and back to regular gun blogging.