Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Colorado Background Checks Are UP

I ran across a Fox News article this morning explaining background checks for firearm purchases are up by more than 40 percent over the weekend.

It's a fair guess to assume many of these folks are new gun owners who may have been on the fence or debating whether to buy a firearm for personal protection.

I see this as a huge positive from the perspective that more citizens are exercising their uniquely-American rights and that common sense (even if driven by a singular event) is starting to prevail. That common sense notion, of course, being we all have a right to defend ourselves from violent criminals both in and out of our homes.

I also see this for its potential need to educate folks about basic firearm safety, carry and defensive laws, and practical skills. Those of us who've spent considerable time in the gun universe know and regularly see how little experience the average owner has and just how proficient you will need to be on the day we all hope will never come.

Click HERE for the story.

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