Monday, March 11, 2013

My Perspective on Gun Rights fairly obvious.

Normally, I find myself borrowing my responses to "why do you think you need xx?" from a couple other bloggers:

Because GUN.

That's it. Simple. We have plenty of (unenforced) laws on the books making the bad things bad people do with guns, um, bad. Tons.

Why do I feel like my antiquated notion of security trumps their need to be socially comfortable?

Because GUN.

Bad guys (and gals) don't give two shits or a squirt about me, but they do care about my right to self-defense and the numbers support defensive carry as a general deterrent to crime.

"B-b-b-b-ut Mr. Normal, don't you think that if we could save one life, it's worth sacrificing a little freedom, right?"

Those willing to give up liberty for safety deserve and get neither (thanks, Ben).
Furthermore, I believe responsible for my immediate security and the police are there to follow up.

So...until the cops get teleportation and the ability to read minds...

Because, GUN.

Gun is an equalizer. Gun is a deterrent. Gun meets lethal force in kind.

Gun is a manifestation of positivity, strength, peace, and the notion that I must be reasoned with, never bullied (thanks Uncle Ted). Gun is a symbol of independent freedom that carries heavy responsibility and I argue the moment we come to comfortably shoulder that load, life actually becomes more enjoyable as we realize it's NOT too heavy and the rewards of self-determination are incredible when set against the worn beige walls of the "gimme" mindset.

Gun is not a talisman. Gun is not a miracle pill. Gun is complex and complicated enough without politics entering the scene.

When it does, however, I will always keep a few things in the back of my head:

1 - will these measures do anything we're not already supposed to be doing under current law?

2 - will I be required to give up any of my natural rights to toe the line and get on board?

3 - are we protecting liberty or merely fluffing the pillows?

...and why?
Because, yes, GUN.

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