Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The (Updated) Wish List

I've got three guns in various stages of "project" right now - my 1911, my soon-to-be 3-Gun shotgun, and my AR, and a whole host of time and money-gobbling things in the pipeline.

That being said, there are a handful of firearms I'm looking forward to adding to the household at some point...

Remington 870 w/ 18" barrel, Magpul furniture, and a light. Why? Well... Let's just say it's hard to argue with a 12 gauge and the Magpul stock and slide just fit me really, really well. If I had to bail out of the house and had a couple minutes to pack, I'd grab the AR and toss the gauge to the competent adult standing right behind me.

I'd love to get my mitts on a Glock 42. Just because. Years ago I wished for a Glock 26 that wasn't as wide as it was tall. Even though the 42 (which is THE answer to life, the universe, as everything, after all) is only a .380, a pocket rocket with a real Glock trigger tickles my curiosity more than a little. Maybe I'd find someone to laser engrave "Don't Panic" on the muzzle crown.

Next on the list is a carry-over from the last one - a Remington 700 in .308 Win (I think). There's something relaxing about settling in behind a scope and sending rounds a long way out. There's something appealing about a rifle precise enough to ring the bell at 600 yards, put a deer in the freezer, and teach my kid the basics of big-bore rifles on down the road. My criteria? Short action, decent stock w/ studs for sling and bipod, mag-fed receiver (cuz tacticool), decent 12-16x optic. Threaded barrel would be a plus. Basically... the 700 AAC in .308

Finally, I have such a gun-crush on the brand-new HK VP9 right now... I fully expect this Internet Darling to be hard to find for quite a while. I've shot and enjoyed a handful of HK pistols but they were too bulky, too expensive, and overly complicated for what I wanted - but I never pass up the chance to let one rip at the range when I am offered. The P30 gets close to changing my mind, but the VP9 looks poised to change the game, and I want to play.

Unfortunately, following the recent Supreme Court decision, all you can do now is make the Benjies rain until I've got enough to bring these home.

Until then... a kid can dream :-)

- Posted from somewhere on this big blue marble.

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