Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gun Store Asshattery

On a random road trip, the Normal clan went to a new Cabela's we had not yet visited.

The taxidermy displays were impressive; their fish tank nicer than the store closer to our house,
And their gun counter people still as clueless as ever.

One older fella (I'm convinced they actually RECRUIT the Fudd ranks for their firearm counter) has a Beretta handgun unceremoniously tucked in his hand as he's navigating toward the holster racks and the customer waiting there. He flags half the store, and then me and my little family on the way.

Slide forward, muzzle horizontal, and gun waving every whichaway. Yes, I know it's most likely unloaded. No, I'm not willing to bet my safety and that of my wife and baby son on it.

As I was in the holster area as well, I looked at the old reckless asshat employee and told him not to point his gun at me, refraining from informing him mine is NOT empty. His reply was to indignantly declare "I'll open it" and forcefully lock the slide open. I almost hoped a round would have dropped from the chamber just to prove my point.

As a former gun shop / club "pro" I have seen and stopped people for the same, only to have a "clear" gun wind up not being remotely safe. Also, if you want to test fit a gun to a holster, you bring the damn holster to the gun counter, not the other way around. No exceptions.

I'm done with big box gun counters - even for random looking around on a lazy Saturday. I seriously considered asking for the area manager, but didn't. I have NO problem lighting up gun counter employees who recklessly flag customers, fail to heed the basic safety rules, and have done so on multiple occasions.

From now on, though, I'm just gonna stay clear. I know the shops I trust, the people to work with, and know that unless I start a consulting firm and travel shop-to-shop teaching safety and professionalism I'm just better off looking at the mounts and the fish tanks.

- Posted from somewhere on this big blue marble.

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