Friday, January 15, 2016

That Can-Do Spirit...

2016 may very well be the year I join the NFA club and add a few suppressors to the family.

Sig's new line of cans are very, very interesting - and their DNA is undeniable. I'm particularly interested in their quick-detach 7.62 suppressor as a one-can-to-rule-them-all for my bolt gun and AR platforms. Specifically, the SRD762Ti-QD.

I am hoping to add a 9mm pistol can, as well. As much of a good idea as it would be for the home defense gun, it's a bit of a challenge finding pistol safes big enough for a full-size duty gun with a light, RDS, and a can. Tactical Walls may hold the solution to this one, though.

And what does everyone need to complete their 22/45 Lite??? A lightweight rimfire can, of course!!

With the recent changes coming to the NFA background check process, things are going to get a bit interesting. I'm thinking its time to make hay while the sun is still up.

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