Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Competition... and powering through rough matches

As a newly-minted USPSA C-class (Production) Shooter, I've been focusing this summer on shooting "serious" matches with the "serious" shooters. I'm still and will for a long time remain a "grunt" but I want to be one of the "good" grunts ;-)

My first match was a Super-Classifier, perfect for a newbie trying to crawl out of "U" (unclassified). I placed well into the top 1/2 of my division and almost classified as a "B" shooter right out of the gate. Not a bad showing...

Last Sunday was a bit of a different story, however. It was the first time I've shot a match where I didn't know anyone in my squad. The first time I'd shot in 90+ degree heat all day long. The first time I truly felt a little overwhelmed. forward a few days to learn I shot squarely in the middle of the Production division and just about in the middle of the C-class shooters. Most of the folks who beat me are better shooters with far more experience.

...and that's OK.

(placing 1st out of 22 people in a local club's "fun" match didn't hurt much, either)

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