Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Hotness... Coming Soon (Hopefully)

So... after all my lusting over a new Colt, "definitely" needing to pick up a cheap 870, and already (re)acquiring my Glock 34, I've picked a new mare for the stable and, once my FFL can find one to order, it'll be on its way toward the suburban bunker.

What... pray tell... could it be? After six months of full-time gun nerding and a number of years shooting just about every "common" handgun and quite a few exotic, foreign, and esoteric examples of ballistic witchcraft, I've settled on two things:

(1) If I'm going to carry and I don't need to cram it in a pocket, it's a .45.
(2) The "big boy" is going to be reliable, proven, accurate, durable, and plastic.

Yup... while I've spent thousands of rounds getting to know the quintessential Combat Tupperware platform -- Glock -- I've recently come to realize and accept the fact that while Glocks are the Volkswagen of the gun universe, Smith & Wesson has given us the F-150 of semiautomatic handguns in their M&P series of semiautomatic pistols.

I've read the "complaints" about the M&P and, truthfully, I think they're all written by XD-toting haters. Sure, the finish may not be able to withstand an atomic bomb like the Glock and the stock trigger can be a tad bit indistinct at first to shooters used to the Lego-like staging of a Glock, but neither are deal killers. I've almost completed the Triple Nickel challenge more than once and nearly under time with the M&P and fully expect to do so within the next year or so.

The M&P45 (midsize) shall soon become the nightstand / backpacking / security-work / open-carry gun and I can see the day when I find someone who hasn't seen the light just yet and is willing to trade a gently-used M&P9 Pro for my Glock 34.

I can't wait for the phone call or email from my FFL dealer telling me he found one because that's the only time I'll ever believe "Help is on the Way."

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