Monday, September 26, 2011

Adios, Glock!

Ladies and gents,
All the fawning and hero worship I've held near my heart for the venerable Glock 34 is coming to a close over a rather simple realization...

I'm an M&P guy.

And... Even though I started out as a dyed-in-the-wool Glock Guy and have bested many an indoor match with Gaston's guns, something changed. Something profound.

After 3,000 or 4,000 rounds of practice, fun, and carry ammo through Mrs. Normal's M&P 9(JG) - with it's ribbon-engraved slide and pink backstrap - I found it to be just as fast, just as accurate, and just as easy to maintain as my Glock and I'd secretly developed an envy of her pistol.

So much so that I decided on a midsize M&P45 for my house / carry / classroom gun. As luck would have it, Mrs. Normal thought it would make a great 5th anniversary gift!

And lemme tell ya, friends... GAW-DAMN does the thing run! The stock "heavy, gritty, indistinct" trigger, basic 3-dot sights, and somewhat kludgy thumb safety - none of those supposed, reported "downsides" slow me down one bit. Even on the .45 I'm out of the holster and slamming 230 grains of red hot glee into the A box over and over.

All this newfound S&W joy is telling me one thing... if I've been good on the Glock - and I have - coming back home to the M&P is going to be great.

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