Monday, June 4, 2012

The Range A-Hole

If you shoot regularly at a real range (not just some open land in the hills), you're bound to run into him...

You know, that guy who knows all, is an expert at everything, and seems to lack that internal filter which keeps most of us from acting like a compete jackass.

Sadly, my shooting schedule often puts me at the range at the same time as our (not so) beloved Range A-hole.

You couldn't cast this guy any better...
Stereotypical "Glocks-rule, everything-else-drool" guy, IDPA shooter (because USPSA is just spray-and-pray dancing with no real-world use), expert on all things "defensive" and gun world name-dropper extraordinaire. If he shows up and the range is full, he gripes until a lane comes open. If you're finishing your session and letting your gear cool off, he'll make fun of you for not putting a red-hot firearm back in your range bag.

If you actually work in "the biz" (and I do!), he will demand to know why you get to go to SHOT. If you've met the best shooters in the world, he plays it off like he's already been there.

Worse yet... he'll start crap-talking your chosen shooting avocation to your wife without knowing who he's talking to.

In short, he's the range asshole and, sadly, he revels in it.

Every range has one. Don't be that one.

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