Monday, June 4, 2012

Roll Your Own...

A week ago I joined yet another club in the "gunnie" universe - I'm now officially a Reloader!

Through a fun twist of the powder-charged Fates, I had a pair of boxes show up from the fine folks at Dillon in Arizona with the Memorial Day weekend coming up.

After a couple days of rearranging the garage and building a new workbench, I finally got the new 550 installed and running.

After a day of tinkering with dies, dialing in the settings, poring over books, and sloooowly adjusting the powder throw, I finally loaded the primer magazine and seated the first case.

Four pulls of the handle later, that satisfying "thunk" of a loaded cartridge signified the first of what will one day be thousands of properly-loaded cartridges taken to the range for training and eventually competition.

Tonight, I ran my fourth batch of ammo - dialing the powder charge back to come up with a smooth-shooting load that's a little softer than factory ammo but strong enough to run our M&Ps.

More to follow... I'm just getting started.

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