Monday, March 9, 2015

Another (Good) Glock Week

Week 3 of getting back into the Glock platform has passed quietly without incident.

It hasn't "gone off" all on its lonesome like one club member insists they are prone to do, so there's that. For the past two weeks now I've been silently nodding and smiling at the older vet who insists Glocks aren't safe in the hands of the untrained public. I'm glad I'm apparently seen as being "trained." :-)

I've made a few (permanent) alterations to the grip to better fit my hand but refrained from going "full potato" on it. The results are visually mild but vastly improve the grip for my dominant hand.

I was fortunate to find a Longs Shadow Holsters OWB rig for it over the week. I wasn't too thrilled about the 15-degree angle but plunked down for it anyway (I'm impatient, they're local, and I didn't want to wait for a custom order). I found that turning the front belt loop upside down provides just enough cant at the 4:00 position to be comfortable. Longs Shadow builds some tough-as-nails gear here in Colorado, and the fit / finish are excellent.

Next up is the addition of a set of steel sights to replace the plastic "gap fillers" (as Larry Vickers calls them) they crossed the Atlantic with. There are few things in the gun world I hate more than Glock plastic sights... I can use them well if I really have to but they suck out loud.

The new set is coming straight from the folks at 10-8 Performance, and they'll be set up similar to my competition guns - black rear, fiber optic front. No need for tritium here... if it's dark, it's imperative I illuminate my target. I like my rear sights simple, they are there to direct me TO my front post, not distract me from it. And with one exception, the 10-8 front blade protects its fiber optic rod better than just about anything else out there. I can't wait to get them installed after they show up this week.

The final upgrade will be to drop in a new trigger system from Most likely their Haley Skimmer trigger system.

At that point, I plan on shooting the bejesus out of the thing and keeping it close-by. After all, it's quickly become my WoobieGun.

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