Monday, March 9, 2015

Whoa... Heavy, Man...

During my first weekend back at the club, I learned firsthand just how much of a pain in the - uh - lower lumbar spine hauling around a monster-sized duty pistol can be.

I decided my CZ P-09 would provide unmatched firepower as a "work" gun and the fact it was a CZ would satisfy the need for a "cool guy" gun.

Just one thing... I'm not wearing a 2" double belt duty rig like I did when I patrolled as a civilian volunteer with the local PD.

I hadn't figured on carrying a 40 ounce pistol for eight hours a day. And two days of it were all I needed to decide I needed something MUCH lighter that didn't sacrifice too much capacity.

Here's why...

Loaded, my new G19 weighs in at a shade under 30 ounces. By comparison, my UNLOADED P-09 weighs less than an ounce under the loaded Glock.

The result, my P-09 is going to be set up for range work and gun games. I absolutely love that pistol - I just don't want to be toting the damn thing around on my hip in anything less than full civvy battle rattle or competition gear.

I'm not saying there's such a thing as "too much gun" but I can tell you, as I turned the corner on 40, there IS such a thing as too little spine.

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