Monday, June 15, 2015

I Finally Joined the Sig Sauer Family

After that unabashedly gun-dork piece on dipping my big toe into the Sig Sauer lifestyle, and after working a solid 11 hours at a Sig Days event talking and selling Sigs with their reps, displays, and demo guns on-hand, I took the plunge.

While I had hoped to go Mall Team Six and come home with the P320 in Flat Dork Earth, the day ended with me taking the last black P320C on the shelf home. Channeling my inner Garth, oh yes, she would be mine. And she is.

I'll have to wait to "un-band" my first Sig - I took our display gun home with me as, by the end of the day, we had literally sold every P320 on the shelf with the exception of our one Subcompact model. Oh well... we'll save that day for when I pick up a solid, reliable Single Stack games gun or get all nostalgic and add a P220 to the family. For now, I'm very happy about getting my hands on one of these - these are gonna be big. For home defense, law enforcement, competition, range shooting. You name it.

I'm looking forward to carving out a little time after work this week to take that little honey back up to the range and putting her through a proper maiden cruise.

As an added bonus, I just ordered up a couple of Blue Force Gear's new belt-mounted pouches to carry spare mags, flashlight, and multi-tool for work. These are soft pouches with no do-dads to snag and return flat when empty. Kinda stoked about these - they look as useful for EDC as they do for carrying my work gear around.

Click Here to Check Them Out

And, an added bonus, they've already shipped. Woo!

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