Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Sig Sauer Summer Fling?

Although I will swear up and down to Mrs. Normal that I have only heard stories of such things in myth and rumor, the best part of a summer fling was knowing it wasn't serious, wasn't going to mess up any long-term plans, and doesn't have to make any sort of sense.

This weekend I get to be part of a Sig Sauer Days event our club is hosting, and I've been boning up on my Sig knowledge (good to do since we ARE a Master Dealer now!). After a couple weeks of handling almost every Sig in the display case, getting to know their rifles, and poring over the marketing materials for their new suppressors, sub-gun, and carbine, I think I'm ready.

I've never felt compelled to sink hard-earned money into Sig Sauer hardware. Yes, they're combat-proven, reliable, and wickedly accurate. I get that. They're comfortable and fun to shoot. I just never felt like dropping almost a grand on a "classic" pistol which adds weight, bulk, cost, and a double/single action when my "cheap and cheerful" carry guns are working well.

...until I got my mitts on their new P320. Sig's first striker gun looks like an out-of-the-box winner. Everyone I know who has bought one has raved about the fit, the trigger, and the accuracy right out of the box.

Last weekend, a friend let me run a couple mags though his P320 Compact in .40 S&W. I knew it would be good... it's a Sig. I didn't expect it to be "this gun is going to be BIG, watch-out-Glock-and-Smith" good.

That new striker-fired pistol's trigger is no joke. Clean and crisp in slow fire, it kept up with me when I dropped the hammer and dumped half a mag of hot .40 ammo. It's almost like having an SRT system without the annoying DA first shot.

I was channeling my inner Will Smith (when he flew a space ship for the first time in Independence Day) when the gun locked open after the second mag, thinking "I have GOT to get me one of THESE!"

Which brings me back to summer, things that don't have to make any sense, and the chance to snap up a P320 of my own at our Sig Sauer event this weekend.

Every practical, sensical, and frugal strand of my being - there are seven of those left, I started with nine - is saying "dude... yeah, she's hot, but you're committed to your Glock and your race guns right now, and those Czech twins you brought home will probably murder you in your sleep"

...and they're right.

I've recently beefed up the pistol fleet with a G19 - my work, carry, and go-to "oh, poop!" blaster if I need to grab a gun and bail. Admittedly, it's the most difficult pistol I own to shoot really well, (after all I am an M&P guy) but I've gotten my Glock groove back.

I hopped into the DA/SA world - just for fun - by picking up a CZ P09 and, a couple weeks ago, snapped up a can't-miss deal on an SP-01 (finally, YES!). As the nameless man in Fight Club would attest, I've got that CZ problem taken care of.

But, in a life filled with day job, weekend work, homeowner chores, a lovely wife and a rambunctious toddler, and serious guns, I'm thinking a summer fling with that shapely little German may just put a grin over my chin and keep shooting fun. I'm a sucker for interesting guns, segment-defining guns and upstart game-changers alike.

Now... for the really important question... do I get it in Operator As F*** Brown (Flat Dark Earth Cerakote) or Sig's classic Nitron finish?

I may just have to go for Flat Dork Earth. Because beard. And America. And summer. And gun.

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