Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Civilian Triple Nickel Challenge

Every month at the club, we hold an action pistol match and finish it off with a challenge we call the "10-5-1"

10 rounds into five targets
5 seconds
1 reload

Basically, this is a civilian version of the Triple Nickel challenge and several of us are fighting hard to be the first to get his name on the board. Here's the skinny:

From the 5 yard line, engage five separate targets from concealment. You must cleanly hit each target (no "liners" or partial hits) twice in five seconds and perform a reload during this time. Do this three times in observance of the RO at a match, and you get your name on the board. After three matches, the board remains empty...

My last good run and the closest I've come so far - 5.34 seconds with 9 hits. The closest shooter yet scored 10 hits in 5.01 seconds and I'm determined to get it.

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