Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introductions Are In Order...


I'm just a normal, everyday, gun-lovin' guy... who happened to be lucky enough to work full-time at the range I love, earn my instructor and range officer credentials, and in the meantime meet some amazing people, shoot some amazing guns, and pick up some awesome/scary/hilarious stories along the way.

I still compete at the club level every month, where I do very well. I have aspirations of IDPA and USPSA competition later this year, as soon as I can afford to re-purchase my competition pistol, and love just about every facet of gun ownership and believe in our right to bear arms for true sporting and self-defense purposes.

I can't promise I won't get political from time to time (as it's dang near impossible to talk guns without talking gun rights) but, I promise to keep the politics to a minimum and the gun nuttery to a maximum.

-Armed and Normal.

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