Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top Shot - Jay's Back...

...but it looks like he's about to get called out next week. Should be interesting, too, since it looks like they're going to move into archery (adios, weekly ratings!) and that's supposed to be his strongest area.

God knows he could use a two-day pistol course - his natural aim is pretty good but he would certainly see marked improvements in his gun handling & safety awareness (trigger discipline, homey), follow-up accuracy, and efficiency while moving and working with cover / concealment.

Hats off to Jermaine - he nearly pulled out a massive redemption after what has to be the single-biggest mental mushroom cloud we've seen on the show yet. I think he got a little screwed by the "rules" of the shoot. I thought the "tiebreaker" rule would have been in effect had they hit the same number of "foe" plates without subtracting the "friends" first.

It's always sad for me to see the good, solid shooters go in favor of the people creating drama... but Jay did walk back into the house so I suppose a congrats is in order for him, too.

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