Friday, August 3, 2012

Slight Change in Plans much as I would love to start my journey into USPSA Limited Division with a full-on custom pistol, I don't really want to earn the reputation of someone who simply jumped in with his checkbook.

You know... Folks like the newbie skiers who come to the hill loaded with the latest info the Internet has to offer and the best equipment a damaged credit rating can afford. There's nothing more fun than blowing past those folks on an old pair of slalom race boards you picked up on discount in understated Gore-Tex and well-worn gloves. I still have the old Gore-Tex jacket... the gloves are long since blown out

I've hung the skis up (three knee operations later) but in the shooting world I absolutely love being the guy who shows up with good (but not flashy) gear and placing well with it.

Most of the folks I compete with are the same way... just like my old ski buddies. We're not dirtbags by any means but we know our gear, use our gear, and tailor it based on what we want, not what looks cool on Brian Enos Forums.

So... I share that long and winding story to tell you this one - instead of custom-building my first race gun I'm going to order a box-stock Edge from STI with no extras and no frills from the start.

I'm going to study the platform, learn how it fits, feels, and functions. I'm going to shoot it as much as possible before next season and keep after my goal of making "B" in Production with my lightly-modified M&P.

I anticipate adding a fiber optic front sight fairly quickly and dropping in an extended magazine release before competition season. I'll save up for a good set of magazines and likely send it to one of the local competition guru gunsmiths for a trigger job. After that, my plans are to run the snot out of it and start to build my chops in another competition division.

The funds are coming together, and I should be able to place the order within the next 3-4 weeks. I can't wait!

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