Monday, August 27, 2012

Sport vs. Personal Defense

Having just shot a USPSA match yesterday, I'm thinking about some of the aspects of this competitive group that provide a refreshing counterpoint to the tacticool universe of "CCW training" and range douchery...

Even with one shooter working a subcompact 10mm Glock from his IWB holster, clearly using his daily carry gear, nobody got into a chest-puffing competition about "defensive" issues, 9 vs. 40 vs. 45, or how hollow point brand "x" is so much more destructive than brand "y."

Living the CCW lifestyle, working as an instructor, and spending a significant amount of my time in Condition Yellow, it's great to be in an environment where the focus is on the pure sport of action pistol shooting... not as "training for real life" but simply for the sport, competition, skill development, and cameraderie.

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