Friday, January 11, 2013

Guns are NOT the problem!

I want to ask you all an uncomfortable question and I hope we can all look at it honestly.

How many people have been killed in spree shootings in the US in the past 15 years?
Now, how many people have been killed by gang violence, drunk and reckless driving, accidental poisoning, and drowning in that same time period?

Guns are not the problem, people.

As a gun owner and trainer, I weep for every life taken by a criminal madman and wish I could have been in a position to stop just one horrific killing.

But I also strongly contend the safety of our schools and malls and places of worship is NOT threatened by the prolific use and ownership of guns in America.

While they are imminently newsworthy, spree shootings are also so rare as to barely impact the number of criminal homicides. Furthermore, shootings make up less than 1% of the accidental deaths which occur within the home.

School shootings are NOT epidemic. They are NOT the most clear and present threat to our children, and banning America's most popular sporting rifle (used in fewer numbers than hammers and clubs per the FBI) as well as metal boxes with springs in them is just plain wrong.

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