Saturday, January 12, 2013

Off To The Range

As it stands now, I'm going to be too busy strolling the hallowed halls of the SHOT Show to head out to a range on Monday for "Gun Appreciation Day."

Your Humble Narrator and his British Shooting Buddy are taking a couple folks who're new to the formal indoor range concept out for a morning of gunpowder and unrestrained celebration of our right to lock, load, and fire.

In related news, the STI came in sometime in the Fall and, in a word, DAMN, SHE FINE!

I wound up with a Dawson-accessorized Edge in standard blue finish and so far, so good. It definitely prefers long-loaded .40 ammunition but has been 98-99% reliable over 1,000 rounds of factory ammunition, with all minor feed issues attributable to the shorter factory stuff.

A few minor fitting issues aside, the thing's a definite shooter and I'm looking forward to running it in USPSA Limited Division in 2013.

Now, off to finish packing the bags and heading up north.


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