Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wish List... The Long Guns

I've been thinking lately my handgun collection is getting to a point where I have everything I "need" from a practical perspective and I'm starting to branch into the "it'd be cool to have..." realm with CZs and my 1911 project gun. Technically speaking, I'm still pining over a 10" AR pistol build that may one day happen because "yeah... pistol... *snork*"

I have also realized there are a handful of rifles which are starting to sending siren notes across the sea and into my helpless ears. Particularly, a magnum-caliber bolt rifle, a .308 Win AR, an AK (why not??), and to rework my existing AR into something a little different than it sits today.

Right now, the Remington 700 Long Range in .300 Win Mag topped with a Vortex PST 5-20x scope is a front-runner for a "budget" magnum-caliber thousand-yarder with the punch one could need to take big game at distance. I love running and gunning with pistols but I recently realized how much I really do miss sending one bullet at a time down range. Yeah, I know the .308 is perfectly capable of ringing steel at a grand and had dropped plenty of deer, coyote, elk, and angry bipeds, but there's a bit more allure to the "Win Mag" and jumping straight to .338 Lapua is almost obscene.

Which leads me back to the .308. I have nothing against this venerable and proven cartridge at all. Given the quality of rifles and parts suitable for a quality custom build being readily available, I'm thinking that a relatively lightweight .308 AR with an 18" barrel and good mid-range optic would be an absolute hoot to shoot and satisfy that "gotta have a .308" itch I think most shooters will go through at some point.

And yes, I would look into having the Win Mag barrel threaded for a brake and adding a big-bore suppressor at some point. I would also look into a system which would let me mount it to the .308 platform gun as well. Because... well... sometimes it's polite to not raise your voice.

And an AK?? Why?? Well... I ain't gonna lie... Magpul's new AK furniture makes that craptastic stamped commieblaster something I'd actually consider shouldering. That there are also a few American companies building AK receivers that don't look like they were milled out of the head covers off Great-Uncle Vanya's tractor and engraved with a rock by a guy who probably wears a football helmet to bed is a plus.

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