Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Didn't Choose the Glock Life...

The Glock life chose me.

Yes, I'm an unapologetic M&P fan (who's proven a shooter can clear the Triple Nickel with a bone-stock duty gun).

Yes, I'm developing a potentially-unhealthy attraction to a handful of CZs.

And oh HELL YES I will forever love John Browning's masterpiece of small arms design, the 1911.

But if the feces should ever meet the fan blade, the first gun I'm grabbing will probably be my Glock 19. It isn't the best at any one thing, but it does just about everything well.

After shooting darn near every major pistol platform in the marketplace, it's not the pistol I'll use to make it to the USPSA Nationals one day, but it'll be the one I'll put on when I start the drive home.

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