Friday, January 3, 2014

A Few Thoughts On Magpul's Departure

They have to do it...

And not just because they said they would, but because it's the right thing to do for the business. Colorado's new law banning the possession, transfer, purchase, or manufacture of magazines which hold more than 15 rounds forced them out, regardless of a clause which MAY have allowed them to continue business as usual in a place which has grown toxic to their business.

Then the state said they could stay, but they couldn't sell any of those restricted products to customers in the same state they're made. Uh, yeah... No. That move was specifically made to try and isolate the company by playing a game of political chicken.

It didn't work. Magpul didn't blink. Instead, they have announced the corporate HQ will be moving to somewhere in north Texas and production and shipping are being set up across the border in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

I recently read a Facebook post declaring Magpul to be cowards and leaving to save their profits while playing political games and I had to shake my head at that ill-informed low-information point of view.

They didn't WANT to leave. They were the ones who got pushed out. They were told they could (should) take their business elsewhere and that's exactly what they did. Sure... they COULD have stayed but keeping them here in Colorado would have meant splitting the business up anyway and the considerable millions in tax revenue would have continued flowing to a state government that actively worked to attack not only their bottom line but the morals and ethics they fight to protect for their customers as well as their employees.

It sucks to see them go, and I hope we can change things enough in 2014 to repeal those idiotic laws (which didn't prevent a high school girl from dying after being shot in the face with a shotgun) and keep other pro-gun companies from crossing the border.

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