Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Happy Happy

What makes me happier than a Robertson in an locker room filled with straight men??

I got my Limited pistol back, and not only does it fit, but it runs! Added bonus, five of my metal tubes used to feed the beast are the correct dimensions and drop as free as Uncle Si with a swamp to himself.

Most importantly, I've started to build a relationship with a gunsmith I trust and enjoy working with. It cost a bit of money, but this time around it had all been money well-spent.

By my count now, that means I've got a local belt maker and nylon guru, a Kydex holster maker willing to take on any project, and an experienced gunsmith who knows how to make STI pistols sing. I'm friends with the folks who run the nicest indoor shooting range in the region, and am a partner in a company that specializes in training... That's not a gloat, that's just a humble narrator taking stock of a pretty good life. Expect some product reviews and more info on these folks' gear and services soon!

- Posted from somewhere on this big blue marble.

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